History of The Bedford Inn




In 1871 William Edwin Crum, a graduate of the State University of Iowa School of Law, collected his bride of less than one month and moved to Taylor County. Upon spending some time here, he determined that the best place to maintain a thriving law practice was the county seat of Bedford, Iowa. Mr. Crum settled his family in Bedford and established himself in a law practice to become Crum & Jaqua.

In addition to a law practice, Mr. Crum became associated with John H. Van Fleet (his brother-in-law) in the establishment of the Bedford Bank, which he reorganized as the Bedford National Bank in 1898. Mr. Crum was also instrumental in molding the incorporated city council of Bedford, being elected the city treasurer in 1881.

Mr. and Mrs. Crum were also parents of four children, John Van Fleet Crum, Mary Crum, William Edwin Crum, Jr., and Helen Crum. As Mr. and Mrs. Crum became more prominent in the community Mrs. Crum determined the family should reside in a home equal to their social and financial position. It was Mrs. Crum who persuaded he husband to purchase Lots 2 and 3 in Block 2 of the city of Bedford . In 1895 the home that remains on that site today was built.

The beautiful, fully restored 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath, Victorian stands as it did 120 years ago, welcoming visitors and friends returning to Bedford. Within walking distance to the downtown, the Inn has the feel and warmth of the home it was built to be.