We are closed from November 1, 2023 until May 15, 2024


If you have a special need to stay in the Inn, please call Leah. In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We sincerely look forward to seeing you in the Spring.


Welcome to the Bedford Inn. Enjoy this grand old lady built in 1895, completely restored.  Come and enjoy the wonderful front porch, and the clean outdoor Jacuzzi. Play pool and ping pong, watch the 85inch TV with many streaming channels.  Or just find a cozy corner or sit by one of the working fire places to visit or read or take a nap!  Leah cooks the most extraordinary breakfasts.  We have plenty of refrigerator space to bring you own food and snacks.

Welcome to our home.

Walking distance from historic downtown…

paved in red bricks…

this beautiful home is the perfect example of Iowa hospitality.

Bed and breakfast

The Bedford Inn – Built in 1895

Located in the quiet town of Bedford, Iowa, the Bedford Inn provides a relaxing atmosphere to get away and unwind.  With options to reserve by the room, floor, or entire house, it is convenient to host visiting guests, family/class reunions, parties and showers.